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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a collaborative process between a counsellor and client.  Through a process of reflection and exploration, the aim is to bring awareness, change and growth to issues that are negatively impacting the client's well-being, relationships and quality of life.

Talking with friends and family can be helpful but sometimes it can be difficult to share deeply personal thoughts, feelings and experiences with people you know, particularly when life feels overwhelming and you are struggling to cope.  Counselling presents a unique opportunity to share these thoughts, feelings and experiences in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential space with a trained professional.

Counsellors will not tell you what to do but they will work alongside you with the aim of helping you reach your own solutions and insight.

Counselling can be a challenging process but ultimately, it may bring about lasting and meaningful change and enhance your overall sense of well-being.  It may help you to release emotional baggage from your past and/or present, helping you to move forward with a sense of purpose and control of your own life.

Whatever your reasons for seeking counselling, setting up an initial consultation will give you the opportunity to outline why you're seeking counselling and what you'd like to achieve.  You can ask any questions you may have and take the time to assess if the counsellor feels like the right person for you to work with. 


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